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Smart Heating and Home Automation Systems

There are now a vast array of smart systems, home automation assistants and platform for tying all of the elements together. We live in an age of endless possibility when it comes to automation in the home, but it can be difficult to know which options best fit your requirements. Eminent Plumbing can consult on the options available and fit a system perfectly configured for your needs and budget. Read on for more details about each of the most successful systems, their pros and cons and for which scenarios they are best suited.

Genius Hub (Heat Genius)


Genius have created a Z-Wave based system linking a number of off the shelf systems such as Danfoss Thermostatic radiator valves, motion and temperature sensors and actuators for pumped water and electric systems. The key to the system is their hub and logic code contained within. This system has a slightly higher setup cost but ultimately gives the greatest flexibility and customisation options from small flats to multi hub commercial properties. Genius integrates with IFTTT and Alexa and has a web and mobile app that can control the hub directly or through their cloud service from anywhere.


With a popular and stylish design, the Hive system is well established in the smart system industry and offer heating and hot water control components and security devices. They are a cost effective solution to easily create a smart heating system easily with great customer support by British gas. With new radiator valves and multi-zone thermostatic controls, independent zoning is possible.

Hive Thermostat


Honeywell Devices

Honeywell are a well established heating system supplier. They offer an off the shelf reliable solution to simple zoned heating and hot water systems. The system is comprised primarily of radiator valves and a control panel to allow basic zoned heating control. More complex setups require integrating other systems.


Heatmiser specialise in hot water and underfloor heating control systems and provide clean and intuitive interfaces for homes primarily using underfloor heating. This system is not suitable for smart control of radiators. These units cannot be cloud controlled by your mobile.

Heatmiser Thermostat


Amazon Alexa Echo Dot

Initially smart systems were intended to provide logic to tie together various heating and other home automation elements, possibly with a mobile interface and even cloud based internet control.

A logical extension of these systems is to connect them to the now ubiquitous voice assistant devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Nest. Some systems integrate via IFTTT and other have direct integrations that allow you to query and control your heating systems using just your voice.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the systems above or have any specific questions, please get in touch and we can provide more information. If you would like to purchase and install a system, or already have a system but need some help putting it all together, please contact us for a quote.

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