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We offer a full range of repairs and maintenance tasks, both scheduled and emergency evening call outs

As well as the bigger projects we take on we also offer the bread and butter plumbing services maintaining and repairing your plumbing and heating systems. See below for some quick tips on what to look out for and what we can help with. We offer scheduled maintenance and repairs to suit your availability and also offer emergency evening call outs to secure a leaking or dangerous system ready for scheduled maintenance in hours once made safe.


It's not uncommon for the odd radiator to not heat up properly. There are several potential issues behind this: 

Radiator is hot at the bottom but cold at the top - This means the water level in the radiator is slightly low and needs to be refilled.

Radiator is cold at the bottom and hot at the top - contaminants and sediments have built up, blocking waterways and requires a flush clean. We offer a Power Flush service to remedy this. 

Radiator has no heat at all and has a thermostatic radiator valve on one side - The washers can stick, especially if the valve has been in the closed position for a long time.


If you notice your toilet is constantly running water, it can often be a negligible almost unnoticeable amount, but will still require attention and not left to get worse. This is easily identified by a small ripple in the water at the base of your toilet bowl.

This is water is being wasted that you are paying for and worth remedying as soon as it's noticed.

There are two possible causes: 

The cistern is overflowing and the float valve needs a new washer or if damaged, replacement.

The other potential cause is the flush valve letting water pass, this can be remedied by changing its seal or if not possible, by replacing the valve.


System boilers will have a pressure gauge attached to the pipework of the boiler and may even have a digital display showing a pressure error.


The pressure in the heating loop must be maintained in order for the boiler to function, so if you have system boiler not firing up it's worth checking the gauge is between 1 and 2 bar.


If the gauge is outside of this range and you have any concerns, get in touch for us to provide some more detail and we can schedule a visit to rectify the issue and give your boiler a once over while we are there if necessary.


Pressurised systems, mainly unvented cylinders and system boilers run at a certain pressure and to ensure this does not become dangerous, certain pressure relief valves are built into the surrounding pipework reducing the pressure if it becomes dangerous.


This could signify an incorrectly configured system, an under pressurised expansion vessel or safety valve impacting the efficiency of your heating or hot water system.


Get in touch if you have any leaks or unexpected water in your plumbing and we can advise why this might be and what we can do to remedy the problem. Feel free to send pictures through if emailing us so we can get a better look at the fault.


Below are extracts from our blog relating to simple fixes around the house

Below are some articles on how to perform simple fixes around the home on plumbing. if you are confident in your DIY these tips can give you some pointers on how to go about simple home repairs. These are however generic instructions for common fittings and we cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury that may occur to those attempting DIY repairs. if you are not confident or would rather a professional performed these repairs quickly and right first time, please contact us to arrange a visit.

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