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  • Stephen Jefferson

Always losing central heating pressure?

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

A common problem in central heating systems is a loss of pressure in the heating circuit that leads to poor heating efficiency or even boilers switching off and showing error codes.

The cause can be a number of minor issues within your heating system, such as a small leak, badly maintained expansion vessels or faulty pressure relief valves, leaving a filling loop on your top up circuit that should be disconnected between top ups.

A quick check over can be performed by a qualified plumber and rectify many of these issues quickly and cheaply. If you are still having issues and have a larger and more complex system that require more active pressure management, there are better solutions than constantly reconnecting and filling the heating circuit from the filling loop.

If you have any issues with heating circuit pressurisation, Eminent Plumbing can provide a review and more than likely address one of the minor problems above. However if you've also been suffering long standing issues with multiple plumbing visits and no resolution, you may need a more targeted solution in the form of a fitted pressurisation unit.

A digital pressurisation unit consists of a small header tank with an AB air gapped mains

supply to prevent mains water contamination and therefore fully compliant with WRAS regulations. The second component is a digitally controlled pump to automatically maintain a top up pressure within the heating loop.

You can read more from one of our suppliers Stuart Turner Pressurisation Units or get in touch if you would like to speak about all of your options around your heating issues.



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